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The WorkOut for Life Physical Activity Club

By joining the WOLF PAC you become part of a family that supports YOUR SUCCESS!
"For the strength of the PAC is the Wolf and the strength of the Wolf is the PAC"

Encouragement for Your Mind, Body and Spirit

  • It is the support, inspiration, motivation, and strength you need to succeed and stay focused every day.  
  • The help you're looking for to lead a healthier happier life - lose weight, have more energy, and live a longer more fulfilling life!
  • The push you've been looking for to find more balance in MIND, BODY, and SPIRIT.
  • The WOLF PAC is the first program of its kind - this is YOUR call to get up, get moving, and do your part to create real and meaningful change!
  • Daily challenges, activities, and inspiration included!
From Weakling to WARRIOR! 

 Feeling weak? Most of us have tried time and again to lose weight to be more active, and we've fallen short of our goals. We all know we need to get more active, workout more, and eat more nutritiously. The problem isn't with the knowing, its with the DOING. It's with the knowing WHAT to do and finding the inspiration and motivation to keep doing it. It's with the daily struggles and psychological fatigue that sets in at the end of the week or the end of the day .We struggle NOT because we're weak, but because we need more support! Health clubs are great for the privileged and the thin, but what about the rest of us? Have you ever arrived at the gym and felt lost and confused? Have you felt judged and alone? Did you leave feeling even more discouraged than when you got there? Have you paid a day's wage for an hour of personal training that left you so sore you couldn't move? Have you had someone suggest a completely unrealistic "diet" plan with nothing but boiled chicken and broccoli? It's time to get real and take control of your life TODAY with baby steps that lead to life-altering, energy-boost changes tomorrow! 

Social Support to Help You Stay STRONG!

The WOLF PAC is here to support you on your quest to improve your own life. In manageable baby steps. To give you hope when you're discouraged, to give you strength when you're feeling weak, and to help hold you up when you've had a rough day. Our exclusive, members' forum is a place where you can share your successes and your struggles without judgment. A place where you can seek advice and get support in a safe, positive environment with others who are on a similar journey. Your daily emails will remind you that you are STRONG and give you tips and tricks to help you succeed. No gimmicks. No false promises. Just people who are ready to step up the quality of their own lives and to make a real and lasting and meaningful difference. A place where YOU can be YOU!  

Your Membership includes:​

  • Weekday Workout and Nutrition Challenges to Keep Your Mind on Your Mission

  • Membership to an Exclusive Forum where you can connect with other Tribe Members and Coaches

  • Membership to our one-of-a-kind Lifestyle Tracker software where you earn points, prizes, and awards and compete against other Tribes for status and accolades. You're not just in it for yourself anymore. Your TRIBE is counting on you! 

We never share your email with anyone else. We are here for YOU. 


Sign me up for the 6-week Lifestyle Challenge with the WOLF PAC! I'm so excited to be part of a supportive family who accepts me JUST THE WAY I AM!! 

WELCOME to the PAC! the Workout For Life Physical Activity Club


We are howling happy to have you!