Live Your Power at Your Own Pace.
Choose Your Challenge and Let Your Journey Begin!

Power Living 101 is a Research-Driven Habit-Changing Health-Improving Course that takes you on a Transformational Journey from Weakling to Warrior!   

30-Day Challenge

Great plan for you if you have 10 or less pounds to lose and have your nutritional habits almost dialed in. You're ready to hit it hard and get there quick! You'll get your Power Program delivered straight to your inbox daily! GO YOU!

6-Month Challenge

Are you looking to change your lifestyle and prevent disease? Need to lose between 40 and 60 pounds? Pace yourself! Transform your life and your body with this progressive program that gives you more time to adapt to each new level. Includes an everyday workout program, and delivers weekly challenges to your inbox!  

3-Month Challenge

This is the perfect seasonal or semester-long journey. Great for Health and PE classes! Not part of a class? Choose this if you are on a personal journey to lose up to 30 pounds. Your email PEP talks and workouts are delivered 2 days per week. 

1-Year Lifestyle Plan

Looking to lose 50 to 100 pounds in a year? This is the perfect plan for you! Designed and paced for Diabetes Education and Prevention, this is the perfect option for everybody looking to make lasting changes that really stick!  

Power Living 101 is not only a weight loss empowerment program; it is a complete online curriculum program for P.E., Health Education, University Health/Activity Classes, Diabetes Prevention Programs, and Personal Training. If you are a coach, you can be the "admin" of your own program and get started with your FREE account HERE. 

After your graduate, you can join our maintenance program for only $4.99 per month! YAY!!  

Getting started is simple

  • Create your account and join the community with your WARRIOR name to tap into your inner strength and resilience! 

  • Take a personal assessment quiz to discover your unique level, and unlock your Lifestyle Tracker so that you can track your habits and your progress

  • Get Everyday Workouts for Everyday People delivered straight to your inbox so that you can enjoy easy-to-follow, appropriate workouts at home with your own Personal Trainer (MS, Exercise Science)

  • Connect with your coach and teammates during our weekly Zoom meetings! 

What's Included when you join Power Living 101  

  • daily or weekly emails straight to your inbox (you choose)

  • the latest nutritional & behavioral science

  • a library of progressive and educational workout videos 

  • an online easy-to-use habit tracker where you earn points and badges 

  • Coaching and community you can count on to help you through! 


Let's Get Physical! 

Stay active from home with fun, easy-to-follow progressive exercise routines that encourage you to workout at YOUR own level - no matter your shape, size, fitness level or ability. 

We've got hundreds of videos to choose from to keep your fitness journey interesting and help you succeed! 

Learn to EAT for LIFE!

Learn nutritional basics that you can live by for life as you change your habits step-by-step and bite-by-bite. Baby steps to success!

Make your new eating plan a lifestyle by taking ownership over every choice along the way. Goal-setting and habit tracking are proven success tools.

Get started today. 

Create positive, disease-preventing, life-enhancing habits - one small, powerful VICTORY at a time.

Your Power Living Journey Includes...

Daily Workouts and a Community Forum to keep you connected with other Power Living Warriors!

PEP Talk emails to help you stay focused and on track with awesome tips for living healthy!

Your Lifestyle Tracker to help you stay mindful of the Eight Essential Habits for a Healthier Happier YOU!

Simple. Effective. Life-Altering. 

You're worth it. 

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